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The content of this book is designed for business owners and leaders that are in business and have experienced various hurdles or had a business that has ended due to unforeseen circumstances and may be considering restarting their business or entering into another business.

This content is also designed for the many aspiring business owners with the passion to start their own business based on an opportunity they have identified as something they could develop and transform into a sustainable business.

Never discount your dreams of wanting to have your own successful business, as anything is possible if you believe it is.

Just make sure you are well prepared by gaining the right knowledge, guidance, leadership skills and team to make it happen. The author Noel Rodgers has compiled the following contents specifically to assist both entrepreneurs and existing business owners on their aspiring journey of establishing and maintaining successful businesses.

A portion of business owners don’t like to admit that they have suffered significant trauma when their business goes through hurdles like the recent global pandemic. It is important for business owners to acknowledge the emotional journey they’ve gone through as well as the various nuts and bolts business hurdles they’ve had to cross and sometimes get stuck on.

Now it’s time to stop looking back at past difficulties.

Come with me on the journey through this book as we go through Part One. Give yourself some credit when acknowledging that the past has provided a lot of experience and knowledge. Not every difficulty experienced is a failure and allow yourself the understanding of accepting the past has gone and the future brings new opportunities.

We’ll journey through Part Two, building on past experiences and preparing the mind and body to be strong enough to build a successful business future, making sure the right business tools are in place.

There will be some that may feel they can rebuild their business aspirations by themselves, yet you don’t need to try and be a superhero, as Part Three will explain how to get the right assistance to have the successful business you want for the future.

Don’t look back.

Come with me through this book to build yourself and your business for the future success you really want.

Available from Amazon Kindle in paperback and E-book from the 24th July 23.


Getting Back to Business for SMEs is a must read for business owners and Leaders

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