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About us

A little about the team

Noel Rodgers MBA (Director), IMCNZ Certified Management Consultant

Fraser Carson, Flightdec owner and Marketing & Communications Specialist.

Anne Cao MBA, China Business Consultant, China Relationships, Management Consultant.

Noel Rodgers

Noel is a certified management consultant (CMC) and IMCNZ past president, a registered service provider with NZTE, and registered mentor with biz mentors NZ, registered quality manager, food Safety trainer & auditor, workplace trainer

In 2013, Noel graduated with an MBA through Waikato University, Lectured in business topics & is a presenter of business content. 

Noel specializes in business strategic planning & succession  planning, risk management & contingency planning, including acquisitions. Further to business management, Noel is often operating in the people growth & care sector of client businesses providing critical services such as caretaker management, personal executive coaching, employee management & development, mediation, recruitment, restructuring & multi-cultural management.

Industries Noel has been involve with range from food manufacturing, food packaging, hospitality, retail, primary and population health, workplace health & safety, early childhood education, plastics manufacturing, engineering, heavy & light transport servicing, agricultural, IT servicing, Joinery, Kitchens, carpet layers, fast food outlets, telecommunications, and others.

Noels leisure activities include writing fiction (Published Author - Half of Us) and a range of outdoor hobbies.

If you would like to know more about Noels book, please click HERE

Fraser Carson (Flightdec)

Fraser is an innovator and problem solver providing clients with insights and solutions that lead to results. You'll often find him advising clients on new or better ways to market themselves or writing a communications plan. His passions centre on innovation as an enabler, and openness and connectivity as pathways to transform communities. He has been co-owner and partner of FRESCO since its beginning in 1993 and is the creator of the Flightdec Communities concept and is a founding partner.

Anne Cao

Anne is a business consultant specialising in the Chinese market providing advisory services to assist New Zealand companies and organizations to develop new business relationships with China. Anne was a journey before becoming involved in business management positions such as marketing and executive to government relations. 

 Anne has been living in New Zealand for 10+ years and has lived in the South, then the North Island, continuing with her past profession of basketball.

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