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Whenever adversity occurs, there often seems to be a similar amount of opportunity emerging.

I was in the local supermarket working through my list of weekly needs and extras for the festive meal, thinking about the family and friends that will be there, and how the day might evolve, when I overheard part of a conversation between a couple of people coming up behind me.

As they passed me in the supermarket aisle I was in, the conversation increased slightly in volume with them expressing differing opinions on whether the vaccinated people should allow the unvaccinated people do certain things as one point of view, whilst the other wanted family and friends to stick together regardless of their vaccination status. I assumed that they were of the same family group as they started to discuss individuals and whether some individuals should be banned from their Christmas celebrations.

My thoughts swayed away from family festivities and the segregation of the vaccinated vs unvaccinated to a different take on what the segregation might cause. It seemed that the vaccinated divide was growing similarly to a snowball rolling down the mountain. What starts as something insignificant can grow quickly and so large that it could damage the village at the bottom of the mountain with devastating effects.

Society seems to be halfway down the mountain already with vaccination status and societal segregation with no apparent changes to the momentum.

Maybe this is the tipping point for opportunity to emerge and redirect the growing snowball from imminent catastrophe. As the unvaccinated start to lose their jobs, ability to connect, enjoy outings with others and lose their space in society, a need will arise for the unvaccinated portion of society to survive and regain their standard of living, which may create the desire for a different snowball effect to emerge. The unvaccinated may identify an opportunity to initiate a new business entity for their portion of society.

New business entities may be initiated by the unvaccinated using the skillset from their past employment, and further employ the unvaccinated. Goods and services to might be supplied to all of society or only to the unvaccinated, and services would be provided by the unvaccinated. There may be a significant growth in online business entities owned by the unvaccinated, providing contactless goods and consultations.

None of this business re-growth will provide a remedial action to the current societal segregation, yet it may support the portion of society currently ousted from integration in being able to rebuild part of what has been lost to them.

As a Business Coach I’ve always supported small and medium businesses, and I’ll continue to do so whether the business owner is vaccinated or not.



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Noel Rodgers MBA – CMC

Business Advisor 

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Challenges are opportunities in disguise

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