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Conflict Resolution

Employment conflicts

Internal conflict can have a catastrophic effect on a business when the conflict is between key employees, senior management, or business owners.

It’s quite understandable that when workplace issues are being discussed, individual emotions come into play and twist the original conflict into something much different and often quite heated.

Don’t allow the conflict to permanently affect what could have been a long term healthy working environment, as the residue of a workplace conflict can remain long after the conflict has ended and the tension may continue to linger, contact Active BSS.

External relations

External conflict with stakeholders such as suppliers, customers and other key relationships can be just as destructive to a business. The intimacy of the issues cannot be controlled as much externally, as each participant has their own autonomy with the ability to discredit the other participant/s as they wish.

Active BSS as an "On Behalf" agent can take the emotional heat out of the conflict often salvage the relationship, reaching outcomes that are acceptable to all parties, often preventing the discrediting of participants or organisations.

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