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Mentoring - Giving advice to a business owners and managers on subjects within the business.

  • A free service supplied by Active BSS and is discretionary on a case by case basis.
  • Active BSS has a policy of donating 5% of the company's time to mentoring SME's (a business with less than 50 employees)
  • Active BSS director (Noel) is registered as a business mentor with Business Mentors NZ.
  • The mentoring service supplies advice to business owner's and manager's, of options that may assist their business in moving forward such as:
    • Becoming more effective/efficient, eliminating losses, or improving profitability.
    • An overview of the restructuring process for the business.
    • Identifying weak areas in the business?
    • Conflict resolution with employees and various employment issues.
    • Making operational or behavioural changes.
    • Assessing the market environment and where the business is positioned.
    • Product/service differentiation in the market.
    • Acquisition and merger components.

Active BSS offers mentoring on a case-by-case basis in a way that is most suited to the business, as every business has its own footprint to journey through.

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