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Should I take a break from the business?

A friend of mine was asking for some business guidance the other day which I was happy to give, yet I was somewhat surprised at simplicity of the question.

 The reality is that having a break is the best thing you can do for you, your business and your family. Let’s consider each one:

 You, the business owner/ manager have focused on the objective of business sustainability or growth throughout the year, carrying the concerns of customer demand, successful and failed outcomes, forecast to budget issues and ensuring the revenue continues to flow. Most business owners/managers will carry this obligation each working day and often when you’re not working. When people normalise stress and pressure, they function less effectively than people taking the opportunity to break from the daily work stress, and re-entering their business with a fresh mind.

 Your business has been your focus, duty, and obligation every day, yet after a while you often see the same things occurring in your business, making it more difficult to see the influences happening in and around the business, as you are focused on the same things you were yesterday like sustainability and growth. If you allowed yourself to have a break, then go back and look at your business with fresh eyes, you may see issues and opportunities that were previously invisible.

 As a family person you work hard, often more hours than many others with all the drive required to sustain your business, to support the loved ones that depend on you and ensure their financial security through business sustainability. It’s so easy to spend too long creating family security and not enough time creating family unity, yet a break away from the daily routine of work is worth millions to the family.  

 A break from work might be the best thing you will do this year for yourself, your business and your family.



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Noel Rodgers MBA – CMC

Business Advisor 

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Why should I take a break from my business?

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