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The best business book for small to medium business this year

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Getting Back to Business for SMEs is primarily for small and medium sized business owners and leaders that have either experienced adverse conditions in their business through events like the global pandemic, as well as for those aspiring to start their own new business entities.

Sometimes the business owners that have waded through recent business difficulties tend to want to shrug off the emotional journey they have endured with some hope that previous experiences won’t happen again, yet the past generally needs to be deal with before the business owner is freed of past burdens and is able to move forward.

Getting Back to Business for SMEs will take you on a journey of identifying and managing the personal health journey of you the business owner, whilst providing tools that will assist you with your future business aspirations. The book’s journey will lead you through the various elements that affect the business with some guidelines on what might be helpful to improve your business. 

It would be a risk to embark on a journey without a plan as further chapters in the book will explain. Venture through the benefits of a business plan and how to construct a plan. 

Once you have captured the benefits of self-health and refined your business framework, the book will lead you through the various management styles and assist you in identifying the best type of business guidance for you and your business.

The right business guidance is one of the most valuable elements you can have to create the successful outcomes you want in your business.

Available on Amazon Kindle in paperback and E-book from the 24th July 2023.

Don’t look back.

Come with me through this book to prepare yourself and build your business for the future success you really want.



A guide for business owners
to reach their aspirations.





A business plan is your most valuable asset.





Noel Rodgers MBA – CMC

Business Advisor 

For further information on this subject please email Noel Rodgers 

E   M 0274 775583  



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The best business book for small to medium business this year

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