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Throughout 2021, main stream media seems to have been focused on being the voice of government rather than the independent journalist we knew of previously. The rhetoric being promoted is somewhat shady when included in the same sentence as being the truth, with most in main stream media arguing that their honesty still exists.

The rhetoric being banded through various media streams together with the contradiction of the journalist’s honesty is of concern and worthy of discussion, yet there seems to be a greater under-current of willingness by journalists to script such content without any concern of reprobation.

My understanding has been that a journalist seeks out the honest answers and provides a level of truth and transparency for the reader population the journalist’s articles may reach. The journalist is the warrior of the pen, the one to find the truth and tell as many others so that the masses are aware of any emerging tyranny or adversity that might impact on them, or an adversity that has already impacted on surrounding environment.

The journalist has been known as the one to carry the torch of truth to deliver credit to the good and slam the tyrants that perform badly throughout the world, with those journalists reporting mis-truths being reprimanded in courts for publishing their mis-information.

New Zealand journalists were well known globally for their kiwi integrity and determination to find the facts of an article to then take the facts to the people, so what has happened?

Where did that unquestionable moral fiber disappear, to make such up-standing critics of society’s morals to drop their professional halo’s and dine with the tyrants the journalists once shielded their reader from?

Are we now left to fend for ourselves in deciphering what is actually true and what is not, maybe the journalists will wake up them from their government funded drunkenness and support the readers they used to provide for, or is the fall of the journalist’s moral halo making space for a new level of knightly writers to deliver some honesty to society?

It would be good for the journalists to return to delivering the real facts to the hand that feeds them, the reader.               



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Truth and transparency in our media

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